Eat 4 A Good Cause

It's a win/win program "The Give Back Campaign" has put in place for the Hospitality Industry with the intention of increasing your covers whilst at the same time raising much needed funds for worthy causes within your own community.

The Give Back Campaign has been hugely successful with 'everyday' businesses donating a tax deductable % of their sales to one of the many Registered Charities and causes on our website:

2017 Eat 4 A Good Cause dates are

September 19th
October 17th
November 21st

How does it work?

On the Third (3rd) Tuesday of every month The Give Back Campaign will ask all consumers to eat out 4 A Good Cause. The program will drive consumers to eateries who are registered with The Give Back Campaign in the knowledge that these businesses are committed to supporting worthwhile causes and their communities. The Give Back Campaign will work with all its charity partners to get the message out that supporters need to eat out to help their charity or cause.

Imagine the power of all these organisations promoting your business in return for a tax deductable* donation....

It's possible you are currently offering discounts or coupons through other websites to attract people to your venue. Instead of offering these discounts, with "The Give Back Campaign" you commit your choice of % of sales made by "Give Back" supporters to the Charity of Choice of your patrons and gain a tax deduction* at the same time.

How do you join 'The Give Back Campaign' ?

It's easy. You Register as a merchant, on our website here for as little as $29.95 per month  or $295 per annum  and get ready to welcome guests who are passionate about their cause and in turn will be passionate about your business.

Register for the Eat4AGoodCause program by registering as a Give Back Campaign merchant:

Register as a merchant