The Give Back Campaign for Business

Is your business a supporter of your local community? Are you looking for extra sales?

Have you been asked to donate to your local school or sporting club  fundraising campaigns, given over vouchers or a cheque and then wondered if you've ever made anything from it?

The Give Back Campaign is your solution to these questions.

Now you can accurately support as many schools, clubs, fundraising campaigns and charities with a % of their members support of your business with No Risk.

The more schools, clubs and fundraising campaign supporters utilise your business, the more you pay out but it's only ever a % of your sales. We imagine if you picked up $1000 worth of new business you'd be happy to donate 5% or 10% of sales instead of just handing over $500 and waiting for the business to come in.

In return for charities and their supporters buying goods and services from you, you agree to Give back a % of each purchase to their charity of choice.

The Give Back Campaign is a WIN, WIN, WIN.

What's in it for you?

The customers coming to do business with you will do so because you'll support a cause close to their heart.
The customers wont care so much about the price because they know the more they spend, the more you'll donate.
You build a database of customers with whom you can send push notifications about bonus give back events, increased % or bonus offers.
You'll only pay out to support your community when the business comes your way and when the customer gives you their mobile number to process and transaction.
You'll receive tax deductions where the charity is registered for tax deductability and because the business is Better Business than customers from vouchers or coupons, it's more profitable.
We'll also help you build a dataabse of passionate customers of your business and their charity.

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So how do you get started?

We offer two programs, one for those businesses who have a physical Bricks and Mortar shop front ( Retail Businesses ) and those who have a pure Online ( Online Businesses ) presence.

In each case there is a small set up fee and an amount that we qask you to put towards a prepaid donation account.

Click here here to proceed to the Business Signup form and complete your applcation.

We'll then provide you with the following marketing exposure

Online Merchant Account .
Immediate distribution via our website, our consumer app, Facebook, Twitter and push notification to all of our supporters Australia wide promoting your service and Give Back Offer.
6 Facebook posts per annum .
Promotion in a minimum of 3 emails per annum to the complete Australian Database .
Placement on the GBC website under your preferred category of choice .
Creation of a customer Email list and Push notifications list for direct communications with Give Back Campaign Supporters .

Additionally we'll email all our charity partners promoting your services to them and advising them that they and their supporters can now also benefit from relationship and help their charity raise funds.

Help us change the face of fundraising the world over.

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