The Give Back Campaign for Organisations

Is your club, organisation, group, school etc looking for a new, less invasive, less time consuming way to raise funds? The Give Back Campaign is here to help with a revolutionary method of capturing your supporters and business donations for you.

In our 15 years of fundraising experience with schools and non profit groups, we, like you have seen a raft of new ways to raise funds. In today's tough economic climate while business and consumers understand the value of community and supporting the less well off, telemarketing, chocolate drives, raffle tickets etc are all competing for an ever shrinking pool of supporters. Business is also less likely to give donations when it is unable to track the amount of business their donation has generated and so are becoming reluctant to give.

Enter the Give Back Campaign and a way for all three parties to WIN, WIN, WIN.

Just imagine how much your supporter base spends each and every week. Check out our calculator below and see just how much your supporters could help you earn each week, each month.

Would that make a difference to your organisations funding?

Every single transaction perfomed by a supporter of your organisation through our site and app will earn you between 1% and 35% of the retail price paid. The more supporters you have , the more residual income you'll make.

Business is happy to give because it gives when your supporters spend. In many cases business will give much more than previously because they now have the justificiation because of the the trackable sales.

The more your supporters support The Give Back Campaign businesses, the more those businesses will support your organisation and your campaigns.

Importantly The Give Back Campaign charges you nothing for collecting these funds for you. We pass through 100% of the funds we collect on your behalf from every transaction.

So what are you waiting for? Click here and create your organisation account today. Share your great news with your supporters and let The Give Back Campaign become an integral part of your organisations fundraising success.

Fundraising Calculator

Choose how many supporters you have, how many dollars they might spend each week, what Give Back rate they earn for you and over how many weeks. Press Calculate
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