Brisbane Restaurants raise millions for charity.

The Give Back Campaign and Brisbane Restaurants are aiming to raise $2 million dollars in donations for Brisbane charities. During the year 2017 / 2018, The Give Back Campaign will work with Brisbane Restaurants to hold a series of charity days where restaurants and cafes will commit a % of their daily sales to charity.

The % will only come from sales made during the event and will only come from a % of the revenue generated.

The Give Back Campaign will track all donations through it's unique smart phone application which links to donation given to the consumers charity of choice thus allowing consumers to direct donations to the charity of their choice.

Restaurants and Cafe's can join the Give Back Campaign for free as part of this exciting campaign. To register your business to be apart of this exciting program, click here.

To find out how your restaurant could be a part of this exciting initiative, get your venue booked out more often and help charities raise this $2 million dollars, call 1300 448 322 now and ask for Charles.