Cash Back for Organisations

How much does your organisation spend on the following?

  • - Stationary
  • - Travel
  • - Accommodation
  • - Entertainment
  • - Functions

While the Give Back Campaign is a program focused at generating donations from businesses when your supporters make  purchases, your organisation can also use the program to receive donations from your organisational purchases.

Now your organisation can make purchases for all the goods and services you require and our business partners will donate (ie Give you Cash Back) to you every time. This is the same as your supporters registering and choosing you as their charity except that you're making the purchases.

How can you make use of this feature?

You will need to create a Supporter Account on the Give Back platform through this link. When you sign up, choose your organisation as the recipient of the donations. The email address will have to be different from that email address used to create your Organisation account.

Then next time your organisation needs to make a purchase, sign in through the Give Back Campaign website and make your purchases.

Your organisation can receive from 1% to 18% back on all its purchases by making purchases through The Give Back Campaign merchant partners.

Across the year your organisation could receive hundreds if not thousands of dollars back from your own purchases helping you save money and fund other worthwhile projects.