Donation Point

Imagine your charity could collect donations at any retailer across the world?

Donation Point from The Give Back Campaign now makes this possible.

Every merchant who participates in the Give Back Campaign now has the option to accept donations for any charity or cause worldwide and within as little as 48 hours the funds you process with a Give Back Merchant will be credited to your charity of choice.

Via technology now deployed across credit card processing terminals in the United States and via Apps on Android and Apple devices, giving to any registered charity has just become a lot simpler.

Consumers wanting the added security of processing their credit cards in person or wanting to deposit cash for charity fundraising can now simply attend a Give Back Merchant, process their credit card or hand over the cash, the funds will be accepted and processed in favour of your charity.

The benefits are numerous for each participant in the program.

Great for Charities,

Potentially hundreds of thousands of points of presence to accept donations
Impulse donations
New Donors
Double Trigger Donation Security for accuracy
Reduced Fraud on Credit Cards and security of acceptance of cash donations

Great for Consumers

Tens of thousands of outlets they can now donate through potentially leading to reduced friction in the giving process and more regular giving
Immediate receipting of donation and sms validation of donation for security

Great for Business

A new revenue stream from donation acceptance
Increased frequency of customer visit
Growth in sales of traditional lines due to great customer awareness
Cross Marketing opportunities with local and National charities

For charities interested in accessing the fleet of retailers, register your charity here
For businesses interested in acting as a Donation Point for as little as $9 per month, click here