Nambour $250,000

$250,000 for Nambour non profits, a great shot in the arm.

The Give Back Campaign, a zero cost fundraising program for charities has committed to work with Nambour business to help raise $250,000 for Nambour non profits in a drive that will help local business as well as community.

The initiative is part of a greater Sunshine Coast program where business and non profits work together to support local business who pledge to reach a certain target. CEO of The Give Back Campaign, Charles Alder said the idea of the target was to focus the community and local businesses on achieving an amount that would then be used to generate an outcome. Targets help everyone and we see this $250,000 as being a number the community and businesses can work together on.

Nambour Alliance president Tony Vella said such an initiative could really show how business and community organisations can work together to help each other. Nambour business owners support their communities already but this program will help bring in more dollars, help employ more locals and help many worthy causes raise more money when times are as most would acknowledge are getting tougher.

Business throughout Nambour are invited to join the program with no sign on fee applicable. As locals shop they ask the business to commit a % of the purchase to their local cause. Tracked through The Give Back smart phone app, charities can receive donations for every transaction at participating business.

Local Nambour charity Golf Programs Australia Inc, President Darrell Dalton said, “we love the concept of helping local businesses and in return we appreciate their pledge of funds to help us achieve our goals, now we can help other charities do the same.”

The campaign will run from July 1st till December 31st. Businesses and charities interested in participating can register at or visit our local Nambour Give Back Campaign office at GPAI CREATIVE CO-OP Shop 1, 89 Currie St Nambour. Contact Michelle 07 5476 0365