Successful Fundraising with The Give Back Campaign

To make the most of our platform follow these simple steps.

Step 1 - Create an organisation account with us for FREE. This will allow you to create campaigns and utilise our tools. Click here

Step 2 - Create a fundraising campaign, set your target, set the dates and be as descriptive about what you're trying to achieve as is possible. Try and focus the campaign and your supporters on a worthwhile target. Be descriptive, your campaign will stretch out across the web to people who may not know your organisation but may want to support the project. It's sometimes better to run smaller amount campaigns but remember, the more supporters you have, the more they shop with our Businesses, the faster you will reach your target.

Step 3 - Promote the campaign on your Facebook page, email your supporters and Tweet about it. Spread the word about the campaign. In your organisation account you'll see some images like this that you can copy of code of an insert into your site. Give these to your webmaster and they can load them up. Each link like this will direct your site visitors directly to your fundraising campaign.

Step 4
- Place one of our links on your website to direct traffic to your campaign. This will help direct traffic and increase the numbers of supporters shopping through us and with the iPhone application. The more exposure you give the campaign, the faster you'll reach your target.

Step 5 - Review your campaigns and your message to your supporters. We have tens of thousands of supporters who are all looking to support worthy causes, make sure your message is strong.