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Through our unique referral relationship with Nexus Partners, The Give Back Campaign is able to Give up to 0.2%* of the value of all approved loans as a donation to charity.

eg. $100,000 x 0.2% = $200, $500,000 x 0.2% = $1000

By completing the following form and pressing submit at the bottom, your request for a loan will be sent to the bank of your choice through Nexus Partners.

Please select the charity or cause of your choice to receive the donation.

Finally share this page with others who are passionate about similar causes and many donations can be made.

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My Requirements Are
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I/We are currently : Self Employed PAYG employee
I/We would like to be contacted by (please select up to 2 options) NAB
St George / Bank of Melbourne / Bank SA
Macquarie Bank
Australian First Mortgage (AFM)
Nexus Leasing
Liberty Financial
Team Capitial
Nexus Mortgage Advisory

1. The Give Back Campaign (we, us) has not been banned from engaging in credit activities under state, territory or Commonwealth law;
2. Nexus Partners (the Licensed Person) is able to provide a particular credit activity or class of credit activities.
3. We do not require you to pay a fee in relation to the referral.
4. The Licensed Person and us are both parties to an agreement which specifies the conduct that we can engage in.
5. We receive a commission between 0.22% and 0.44% for each completed referral;
6. We do not act to deal directly with you nor do we suggest or assist, directly or indirectly, with any credit activities;
7. You consent to us passing your name, contact details and the purpose for which the credit is sought to the Licensed Person;
8. We shall provide the your name and contact details to the Licensed Person within 5 business days after informing you that the Licensed Person is able to provide the Credit Services.
9. We do not conduct a business as part of which we contact persons face to face and does not conduct our business from a temporary or non-standard business premises.
10. We engage in the act of the referral as a matter incidental to the carrying on of a business that is not principally making contact with persons to give their names or other details to another person.
11. We are not authorised to engage in credit activities as defined within the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP).
12. By submitting this form you acknowledge that we have not provided any financial advice and you understand this is just a referral service.
13. You are aware that a commission will be paid to the charity/cause of my choice by us in the event that you receive finance via the submission of this referral form at a rate of between 0.01% and 0.02% of the approved loan value.

I agree to the above terms and conditions.