How it Works

The Give Back Campaign is a powerful way to capture the everyday online and retail shopping power of Supporters.

There are hundreds of thousands of Charities, Clubs, Schools etc around the world all looking to raise funds.

These groups have tens of thousands of supporters, some registered with them, some following them online and some supporting them through fundraising campaigns.

These Supporters spend Millions of dollars each year online and through retailers. The Give Back Campaign will capture the total value of sales through this website and via our smartphone apps and pass a % of all these sales to the charities.

Our Business Partners are all community focused and have agreed to Give Back a % of the sales where supporters shop with them. Supporters choose an organisation for their donations to be forwarded to and The Give Back Campaign facilitates the movement of the donation from the business to the organisation.

Everyday, supporters will be able to shop with businesses who will help their preferred cause. What could be more powerful than this?

For Supporters - Sign up for free, support a cause, shop online through this website by shopping through our links or through our retail partners by giving your mobile phone number to the shop assistant when you pay your bill. In addition The Give Back Campaign will reward you wioth Emo Points which can be redeemed for hundreds of rewards, free flights, accommodation, meals and more.

For Businesses - Sign up for FREE , choose the rate you want to give back and let us promote you to thousands of supporters and organisations.

Organisations/ Charities - Sign up, create a fundraising campaign, tell your supporters and every time they shop in future you'll raise valuable funds.

So jump on board today.

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