Battleground Skate House and Youth Center INC

Description: Battleground was started to fulfill a promise to young skaters / bmx who had no place to legally ride / skate (at least where they wouldn't be mugged). The promise was that they would at some point and somehow have a suitable and safe skate park in Battle Creek. They said if they had a park they could better stay busy and out of trouble. Only a small percentage of skaters /bmx are troubled, many are model citizens. However, some that we were working with were really struggling and this was dedicated to them. All the same we realized that we had 100 basketball courts and baseball fields and not one suitable skate park. Thus after 8 years of bleeding, pleading, explaining, and praying - Battleground was born. We are a non-profit, only the front desk college guys are paid a small rate. The rest of us volunteer regularly. We would appreciate your support as we work to keep guys and gals safe, on the park, healthy, and if they are interested, tell them about Jesus, the author and perfecter

Ph: 2699621080
Address :
5755 Beckley Road
Battle Creek
Michigan 49015

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