Happy Paws Haven

Description: Rescue, Rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned and lost cats and dogs Our Vision is to provide a safe haven for abandoned animals, to nurse them to health both physically and mentally and to give them the opportunity to gain the tools to enable them to find their special forever home. The centre is to be the model re-homing centre in Australia. Not only from the comfort and rehabilitation of the animals we rescue but also as an education centre to promote responsible pet owner ship, understanding domestic animal behaviour and need for de-sexing all domestic animals unless you are a registered breeder. The animal haven is not a traditional animal welfare shelter but more a rehabilitation and re-homing centre. At HappyPaws Haven, we do not keep our beautiful animals in an antiseptic, caged atmosphere, like that found in most animal shelters and pounds. The dogs and cats are kept in a natural setting. Our cats live in spacious insulated enclosures as colonies with access

Ph: +61266449936
Address :
140 Tindal Road
New South Wales 2460

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Website: http://www.happypawshaven.com.au
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