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Description: The Carers Foundation Cares For Carers Our mission is to prevent health crisis breakdowns for unpaid carers in the community at a center specifically for carers.The center offers educational health and wellness programs which rejuvenates carers to maintain their health and wellbeing. This is a Queensland, and Australian first initiative. It is a documented fact that carers have some of the worst physical and mental well-being of any known group in the community. Recent research has shown that one in six family carers have seriously contemplated killing themselves and 20 per cent of those are likely to attempt suicide in the future. It has also shown that some carers contemplate killing the person with dementia, out of frustration, fatigue, compassion or self-defence There are over 2.7 million unpaid caregivers in Australia, with over 500,000 in Qld alone. One in eight people are carers in the community. Carers SAVE the government over $60.3 BILLION dollars annually. Suppo

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