Trans-Help Foundation

Description: Our role is to support transport personnel and their families in times of crisis as well as to improve the health and wellbeing of drivers. Our initial aim was to provide support after accidents and fatalities, but as we moved forward we began to see a lot of health issues that were contributing to driver road tolls, so now we also provide a range of facilities including health and support units that visit drivers in their workplace. We cover accidents and fatalities and health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, prostate cancer, post traumatic stress disorder and depression. On average in the industry, there is about 50 – 60% of all drivers that would come directly under those categories. Many truckies take the attitude that they don’t need help until something goes seriously wrong. Over the last nine years we have been promoting the benefits of preventative health so it doesn’t get to that point. If we can save lives, prevent heart attacks, detect diabetes so

Ph: 0269287000
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69 Centenary Ave
New South Wales 2652

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