Retail Businesses

The Give Back Campaign is the ultimate local, community assistance / customer rewards program a business can run.

In fact it's all this and more .

Think of the following scenario.....

Instead of giving discounts and coupons etc to bring in business, why not support not for profit community groups with a donation equal to those previous discounts. Why would you do this?

For a start, discounts aren't tax deductible, donations to registered organisations are so the nett give back is actually less. In fact even donations to community groups are marketing expenses to your business.You're receiving 100% of the money up front today and paying for the donation from your prepaid donations account.
When you as a business display all the community groups you have supported through the Give Back Campaign to your current or prospective customers, what do you think that says about you and your support of your customers and community? It speaks volumes and will entice more customers into your business.
Your profit margins will increase. Instead of discounting to drive business you'll support more value conscious customers who will more than likely not quibble over price knowing you're giving to their favourite causes when they pay their account.

But wait there is more. Really?

Every time you process a transaction through our Tablet app, PC, Card Terminal or API, ( see below) you're adding a customer to Your Give Back Database. We help you build a database of value conscious customers.
Every processed customer can then be invited back by your business via email or push notification to our consumer app with a message similar to this.
"John, come back and dine at Jerry's tonight and we'll give 5% to the Dallas Food Pantry"
Targeted messages delivered to the email address or handset of customers with a passion for helping their cause will drive more business.

But wait, you could even program our Push Notification system to send slow days or nights messages to drive consumers instead of offering huge discounts.

So how do I transact with the Give Back System?

Processing Options

Its as simple as any of the following methods

Smart Phone / Tablet app - Point of sale, immediate

GBC Website - End of day processing

Credit Card Processing Terminal
Verifone VX520

API interface - POS applications interact with GBC system
to process transactions
( )

There is so much you can do with The Give Back campaign program to grow your business, help your community and raise your consumer standing as a community supporter, the list is ongoing.

As a retail business, the registration starts from as little as $295.00 for 12 months plus $100 of prepaid donations for Australia, Other countries vary in price. An amazingly low entry fee for such a feature rich program.

Register today or call our office and let us help you get started ,